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A solo journalling game (for up to 4 players)

Log your voyage & exploits as a Harvester collecting energy for your enterprising employer, Æther Corp—the first galaxy spanning mega-corporation to discover near-instantaneous interstellar travel.

Coiled.Spæce booklet, log book, console poster, scanner postcard, and stickers arranged on a darkened table

Game Play

In the game you roll full polyhedral dice sets to generate your vessel, Harvester, star systems, & energy emitting bodies (EEB) from which you harvest energy.

Coiled.Spæce can be played with just the online rules, 2× sets of dice, a token for your spaceship, a notebook, and a thumb for measuring the distance between dice but training manual, log book, a console poster (onto which to roll you dice), & scanner postcard are available.

Think Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy mixed with a tinge of Paranoia RPG and a splash of games where you roll lots of dice to determine an outcome.

Ko-fi tips toward hosting costs also gratefully recieved!

Kickstarted in February 2021

Print and play files

Log book open on star system page

Nucleosynthesised by Luke Earl

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